Battle Between The Gods On A Foreign Territory (Video)

Battle Between The Gods On A Foreign Territory

The novel “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman describes a battle between Gods, who were brought over by the immigrants to The United States. They are battling for human lives and the territory of influence. Do Gods have a right to infiltrate foreign territories with their programs? How is it perceived by Mother-Earth? Does she protect her children, meaning the chthonic tribes of Native Indians?

– It’s a good question, thank you, colleague Olga. It will be my pleasure to try to elaborate on it. Let’s start with the end. Mother-Earth perceives such games of her children just like any mother would perceive the games of her children. In this sense, a fragment from the babylonian myth “Enuma Elish” about the Goddess Tiamat would be very revealing. Tiamat shared and described her reaction to such rowdiness of her children.