How To Recognize A True Master Of Norse Tradition (Video)

How can one recognize a master who truly practices in the Northern Tradition?

By Listening to him and studying the principles he speaks of?

There are so many people nowadays who call themselves runologists and claim to be masters, but in reality it isn’t so. How can one tell that he is not dealing with an imposter?

– There is a very good way, dear John Grim. It is to become a master yourself. Then nobody will be able to fool you. But in order to become a master, you need to have a teacher. It seems to be a Catch 22, but it isn’t so. Because according to our tradition, the Northern Tradition, the only one who is able to teach you the actual Aesir Tradition and the runes, and give you an opportunity to embrace its most inner knowledge is god Odin and him alone.