Runes Thurisaz And Laguz (Video)

Runes Thurisaz And Laguz

The bond between the Runes Thurisaz and Laguz – it is quite mystical, by the way. The Rune Thurisaz is called the Rune that acts, while the Rune Laguz is the Rune that carries. So there is a slight difference between them. But both are Runes of movement; Runes that make a person commit to an act. The only difference is that Thurisaz is an individual intention, and Laguz is a collective intention. Here, the Runes showed you your intention, that it is a current, your intention craves a current. A current – it is really not bad. We will reach this Rune in due time but notice that the Rune Laguz is part of the third Aett. The third Aett pertains to results, which will only reveal themselves when your personal qualities, both innate and some that need to be acquired, have been manifested.