Troth And Seidr. Norse Magic And Runes (Video)

Troth And Seidr.

The path of service is called Troth, and the path of witchcraft is called Seidr. Troth translated from Old Norse means loyalty and is related, of course, to the path of service. Loyalty to the gods, loyalty to tradition, and most importantly, loyalty to truth. The path of service is originally said to be the path of priestship because a priest possessed not just a priestly function but also a function of a law-speaker and a ruler. Meaning that such a person took on the responsibility of directing this process. The process of human coexistence.

The priest would of course invest his life in order to solidify the algorithms of truth, in order to judge people so that they would behave and think correctly, creating the right future this way.

Thus, the path of service subsequently received the name of the light path, meaning that it is directly connected to working with people, working with a community.