Why Is Runic Influence More Difficult To Diagnose Than Black Magic? (Video)

Why is it more difficult to diagnose runic influences compared to the influences of the christian black magic, for example?

-Yes, there is such an effect. You’ve noticed it very correctly. Runic forces and symbols are ancient magical symbols that work on universal energies. Meaning that they pull up incredibly powerful force currents and operate according to common laws of Creation, so to say. They work in all the nine worlds and this means that they are universally versatile. In a way they have already been attuned with the entire system of reality. Which is why if an influence is cast using runes, it transpires naturally, therefore its influence is not usually sensed by the recipient. It isn’t an energetic influence, but always informational. As opposed to christian black magic. Christian black magic is a very narrow, very powerful, ritually oriented channel that works as an antithesis to christianity. You could say that it is not exactly dark christianity… but christianity turned inside-out.