Consciousness transfer into another body

Consciousness transfer into another body

The technology of the ritual of consciousness transfer through the sarcophagus for the nobility and those who have royal blood, so as not to lose the right to Generational memory (the right to power).

Consciousness transfer into another body – the mechanics of the ritual

“Is it possible to transfer the consciousness through generations, and is it true that royalty possess and use these techniques? Such information is found in literature, cinematography and on the Internet. Are there a lot of people in our reality who we think are human beings, but are actually not (entities, programs, what have you), who have nothing human in our understanding?”.

Yes, there are such techniques, the technique is in the ritual. They are usually passed down in old, ancient families by blood. You can trace such families by a very interesting fact – they never bury their ancestors within the earth. They always have personal sarcophagi, decorated inside by architects, special geometry is used, they never touch the earth. So that the information of the bones, the information of the Bloodline, does not dissolve within the earth, but as if becomes the common property of the earth, not personified in any way. They need to preserve Generational memory from generation to generation, so a very large number of ancestors are obliged to be buried and passed through the sarcophagus.

There are instances when a person of royal blood dies in battle or in an accident, then necessarily some part of his or her body, for example, the heart must be buried in the ancestral sarcophagus. The ritualistics must be observed.

Next, a ritual is performed. In our practice, it is called “ritual”, someone calls it a “technique”, it makes no difference, certain actions are carried out that ensure the transfer of consciousness through the bloodline. Sometimes it can be sealed for the time being and await its carrier, (through the same sarcophagus), and sometimes it is transferred directly to an already born or a newborn baby.

Such techniques are used because to lose Generational memory is to lose the right to power, and they do not want to lose the right to power, they have invested too much blood, their own and others’, in order to obtain this right.

Are there people who are not people, but who are entities and programs? There are many more of them than you suspect. There are a great many people who are entities, without souls, and an even greater number of people-programs that we used to call “bots” –  they exist both in the informational space and in the visual space that you observe. Not all people are human beings.

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