Constant lack of money

Constant Lack Of Money. What Should I Do?

Constant lack of money, financial,money problems, debts, family’s burdens.

“Any attempt I make to earn money ends up increasing my negative balance. I had my past life rewritten, but it made it even worse. This confusion doubles my debt. Please advise. Was my past life’s behavior so awful, and how can I fix the situation?

Here, we definitely need a diagnosis because the reason behind it may not only be in your past lives. It can be your family’s burden. Maybe one of your ancestors owed so much that his debt got transferred to his offspring. It can also be the wrongdoings and mistakes of your present life. Perhaps you forgot or didn’t consider the promises you once made or debts you forgot to pay back when analyzing your current life. And that’s the way they remind of themselves. 

Here, you need a diagnosis. You can’t make a conclusion at first glance. The only thing I can recommend is not to rely on the help of specialists capable of rewriting a past life. It’s better to learn how to do it on your own. It’s always better to correct your own life yourself than to put trust in someone else. It could be that your current financial problem is related to the fact that you prefer to rely on someone else. You trust these specialists senselessly, but you can’t know for sure what such specialists do with your past life karma. They can just as easily make everything much worse. And that’s the way it happened in your case. 

That is why you should learn to do it yourself. Our school methods will teach you how to do that. You can, for instance, study independently via books, video lectures, or seminars, whichever way suits you or whichever way you’re used to, going from simple to complex. You can eliminate your fears, free your energy potential, and work through your karmic predestinations and perhaps, you’ll be able to find the karmic reason for being completely broke, including your previous reincarnations, but do it on your own. And the value of this work will be a hundredfold greater than if someone does it for you. 


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