What is human consciousness and how does it work? Consciousness determines personality: character and nature, habits and tendensies. It defines needs and very often goals.

What is human consciousness and how does it work?

How does consciousness work?

Consciousness is something that shapes one’s personality and the way one evaluates the surrounding reality.  Existence determines consciousness:  this saying is familiar to those who in the past suffered in universities when studying Marxist-Leninist philosophy of the founding fathers of Communism. 

When a person evaluates himself by saying:” I am an engineer”, then he judges others too according to their professions, and makes this information fit the scale of his own value system. His attitude towards a janitor, a student, a university dean, a retiree or a housewife will derive from this hierarchy of social status. This evaluation will automatically be reflected in his expectations of these people, his attitude when he is with them, as well as his right to feel pride or, on the contrary, feelings of inadequacy and self-pity when associating with them.

When someone describes him or herself using the words “I am a man” or “I am a woman”, then, from that perspective, he or she automatically divides all people into two camps – male and female. Thus, their attitude and behavior drives from the category that they associate themselves with. And it doesn’t matter whether the other person is talented or talentless, rich or poor, smart or ignorant. He is a man. Or a woman.

How does your consciousness work? I Am As I AmI am Smith” – and the person automatically identifies with the family that he belongs to as a birth-right. Thus automatically revealing, in the presence of others, the importance of family traditions, pride in clan membership, and judging others precisely from the perspective: kin, family, origins. A family with longstanding traditions, famous surnames – would win respect for this factor alone. And what if the person across from him is an orphan who doesn’t even know his family name; what kind of attitude does this nameless one deserve?

Or even better: “I am Russian!” – this statement will also divide this world into “friends and foes”, so that everyone is judged not from a perspective of knowledge and intelligence but from the perspective of nationality. 

This distinction based on a certain trait doesn’t just distort the reality of this person.  What it also does is cut him off from a great number of options, events and a great deal of knowledge which would have been available to him if it were not far from a consciousness that is stuck in a particular Dimension.

Consciousness is everything that you have accumulated, earned and experienced throughout your life’s process. This baggage, as you understand, is directly dependent on the Dimension that determines what the person will see as necessary or frivolous, crucial or unimportant, useful or unuseful, good or bad, etc

Consciousness determines personality: character and nature, habits and tendencies. It defines needs and very often, goals. It affects your desires and shapes your destiny. 

A rigid consciousness, intransigent and full of principle-driven views forces a person to lead his life on a certain set track: all these forms of dependence represent the information that makes the energy of his life follow in a certain direction.

How does consciousness work? I am as I amBut can we unequivocally say that “I” is my personality? “I“ is my body or my profession? After pondering upon this question, you of course would frankly say “Obviously, not!” The personality, character, profession, and even the body are mirror reflections of decisions made in the past, fulfilled dreams, and a great number of “circumstances”.  In many cases the “I” didn’t even participate in the shaping of your fate, life, worldview… Everything went with the flow…

So who am “I”? If the “I” is not the body, not a professional field or family membership, if it is not the personality and not everyday habits… Who am “I”?
“I” is a soul that can say “I am”.
“Am” – without a social status, without a social identity or surname, without principles and beliefs.
“I” is a soul that lives!

When a person loses everything, when nothing is left of what used to be near and dear, when life sharply changes its course, when all known and unknown ailments afflict you – even then one can say: I am.
How does consciousness work? I Am As I AmIn order to understand, to feel your soul, you will temporarily close your eyes on everything that you love and hate, everything that you take pride in, everything that you know, all that you believe in.

Rejecting all that for you is a means of measuring and assessing yourself and your life. And only after you are able to do that, you can say to yourself: “I am as I am” – and this will be the first step towards attaining your essence, your soul.

There is no age, there is just our perception of it.

There is no gender distinction; those are just bodies fulfilling a certain vital function.

There is no social status; those are just the games people play.

There is no experience, no karma – those are merely small chains of events out of myriads of possibilities. 

There are no convictions – that is just the way that human society chooses to evaluate its own kind.

Opinions about oneself do not matter.

Opinions about others do not matter.

Opinions of others about me also do not matter.


I am – is a state of being. A process of unplugging yourself from all the imposed stereotypes, all bias and opinions. When you enter this state, you will feel as if you moved from the tree branch to the tree trunk, and begin to freely flow to any location of the tree. All Dimensions become accessible and open to you, all realms of consciousness. You have made the first step towards your freedom.

From the book “Intricacies of Fate or What dimension do you live in?” by Ksenia Menshikova recommended for the 1st Course of the Main Department.

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