Study sequence

Admission Policies. Senior courses transition guidelines. Terms of studies. Recommended study sequence. Conditions of getting access to the Runes, Elements, Tarot Departments.

Admission Policies

To transfer to the next online course ( or to purchase the recorded seminars for independent study) to get access to the Elements, Runes and Tarot Departments you must have studied all the material and mastered all the practices from the previous course.
Whether you study online with a group or asynchronously, the rules are the same for everyone without exceptions.


Recommended Study Sequence. Menshikova School learning formats. The system of education at the Menshikova School. Begin study.

Recommended study sequence

The system of education at the Menshikova School includes both asynchronous and online group learning, as well as a combination of these two formats.
There are rules for each department and course that are dictated by the methodology. Before placing an order please read the rules for each course or department carefully .


Interview. Guidelines. Rules for applying for an interview with a mentor. Menshikova School. Admission Policy.

Interview. Guidelines.

The rules for applying for an interview are the same for any course.
To apply for an interview with a mentor to transfer to the next course and determine the direction of your further learning you should write to the School coordinator and wait for a reply email with instructions.