Most frequently asked questions from students

Most frequently asked questions from students

Most frequently asked questions from students.

This article is for those who have recently learned about the Menshikova School on the YouTube channel, SOCIAL NETWORKS or from friends, who may have already read Menshikova’s books and most likely even looked through the pages of the WEBSITE.
And so you have decided to become a student of the Menshikova School. If your APPLICATION has not yet been submitted, it means that you still have questions and doubts. Let’s try to resolve the most common of them.

Where should your education begin at the School?
Education at the School starts with the 1st Main Course of the Main Department. After completing the 1st Main Course you need to complete all the additional seminars.
Main course. 4 Basics Lessons
Augmentation of the Etheric body
Correction of the Prenatal Development
Chakral Breathing
Energetic Damage
Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels
Health Through the Power of the Elements
The Power of a Totem

After that, you can apply for an interview with one of our Mentors in order to gain access to the 2nd Main Course and its related seminars.

After successfully completing  the 1st and 2nd Main Courses, as well as all  the seminars, you will gain access to other departments in the School.
Each level implies a certain body of knowledge.
An interview with one of the Mentors is mandatory in order to transition to a higher-level course.

How long does school education take? How long should you wait between courses?
This question cannot be answered categorically. Every case is unique and depends on a large number of factors such as time, capabilities,  abilities, your individual pace of assimilation of the material and the purpose of your learning. There is no need to hurry.

There is a recommended minimum time frame for passing the courses.
Until then a  student is not admitted for an interview:

– After the 1st Main Course (Etheric body) admission to the 2nd Main Course (Astral Body) can be obtained no earlier than in 1 month

– Studying  the 2nd Course of the Main Department (Astral body) takes at least 2 months

– Studying the 3d Course of the Main Department (Mental body) – at least 4 months

– Studying the 4th Course of the Main Department (Causal body) – at least 6 months

– Studying  the 5th Course of the Main Department (Buddhic body) – at least 1 year

– Studying the 1st course of the Elements Department – at least 6 months

– Studying the 1st course of the Runes Department – at least 9 months (a break between the Initiation and an interview for the 2nd Rune  course – 3 months)

– Studying  the 2nd course of the Runes Department (Runes and Gods) – at least 6 months for each of the 5 stages

– Studying  the 1st сourse  of the Tarot Department (Major Arcana): a break between the Arcanas XVI and XVII, X and IX – at least 3 weeks.

– A break between the I Major Arcanum and the Interview for the 2nd course of Tarot (Minor Arcana) – at least 1 month

What are the club meetups at the School?
Club sessions are held at the Menshikova School on a regular basis. These are, in fact, self-contained free lessons  that allow you to reinforce the skills that you have learned in the courses and seminars. Here you can ask questions to the Mentors and get feedback.

After the 1st Main Course, it involves working with attention and sensations. After the 2nd Сourse – the Cleansing of the Astral Body. After the 3rd Main Course – the analysis of rigid mental structures and working with the word. The more words you understand, the more effective your work at the 4th Course will be. The duration of such classes is 2 hours.

What is the right way to to start your education at the Departments of Tarot and Runes?
To access the Runes or Tarot Departments, each student of the Menshikova School must finish the 1st and 2nd Main Courses plus all the  additional seminars, and work through all the recommendations of the Mentor.
A pre-course interview is required.

Is it possible to simultaneously be enrolled in the Runes and  Tarot Departments?
No. Before beginning to study a particular system, ask yourself which one is closer to you, ask for Mentor’s advice. Finish your studies following one direction and then you can move further, but not at the same time.

What is the sequence of study in  the Departments of Tarot and Runes?
Learning in the Runes Department takes 3-4 years. The first year includes the study of the Elder Futhark (24 Runes) and the Initiation. The second and third years include connecting to the Gods of the Scandinavian Pantheon (37 lessons).

In  the Tarot Department, learning begins from the 1st course with the study of the Major Arcana (23 lessons). The 2nd course includes the Minor Arcana – 14 lessons.

Is there a difference between studying from the  recorded materials or in an online group?
Yes, there is a difference. Every form of education has its pros and cons.
Asynchronous education with video-recordings gives you
independence from the school’s schedule, affordable cost, and it allows learning at your own pace.
On the other hand, with asynchronous learning there is a lack of “live interaction” with the Mentor and the group. It means that it will only be possible for the School to track the students’ ongoing processes and provide explanations on various issues that arise in the learning process during the interview for the next course.
Besides, online learning with a group  allows you to achieve more effective results due to group energy – this allows you to work through the ongoing processes more efficiently.
During distant learning, however, the student works with the already existing group environment  that had been formed at the time of recording the lesson and with his own energy.

So, does it mean that during asynchronous learning, the student is left only to his own devices?
Not exactly. The School provides assistance in mastering the methodology  to the students who are enrolled in the asynchronous format of learning. Feedback can be obtained in several ways.

Option One. The Menshikova School holds regular club sessions designed  to master the basic methods initially described in the Main courses, to practice relevant exercises and maintain communication with the students. Students can ask questions during the Club session. You need to select a  preferred Club topic from the schedule and apply for online-participance.

Option Two. You can use the forum. The forum is constantly moderated  and the answers are provided  by the mentors of the Menshikova School, as well as the founder of the School – Ksenia Menshikova. The structure of the forum mirrors  the departmental structure for your convenience. The forum gives the opportunity to go through the already described experience of fellow students, as well as share your own.

How do students who study asynchronously receive learning materials?
If you ordered the seminars in the store , then after the payment has been processed, you will be given access to download them. After receiving the link, you need to download the files onto your computer. Links are valid for a limited amount of time and under no circumstances should they be shared with others. The books and the Matrix are sent by mail. The waiting time depends on the distance and the efficiency  of the postal services. Please use the tracking number to track your package and receive information about its location in a timely manner. You can specify your preferences about the delivery method in the notes to your order or by writing a letter to the administration of the Menshikova School.
You can place your order in a currency that is convenient for you, using the currency exchange option next to the search bar.

Is it possible to change the format  of education?
Yes, such an option exists. You can start with any format of education. If such a need or desire appears, you can change the format, integrate or mix the two together.
Apart from asynchronous learning (using recorded materials), you can also study ‘full-time’ (online only).

Face to face courses are not currently practiced. Online education also connects you to the general group environment  and gives you the opportunity to have a dialogue with the Mentor. With online learning, students are not tied to a particular city or Mentor. However, in the case of online learning, it is necessary to take into account your connection quality ,  technical characteristics of your hardware and, possibly, a time difference.

It should be noted that any format of education will give the maximum possible result only with a diligent and independent implementation of the methods. The Mentors of the School introduce students into the energy-informational field during class. The general field of the group has a reinforcing effect, however everyone will have to work independently to perfect the methods taught. Everyone for himself. The mentor won’t  do anything for the student.

It is important to remember that the more effort and time you put into yourself, the more substantial the changes in your life will be.

What is the matrix?
The matrix is a conduit  of consciousness, a projection of the subtle bodies placed on a material carrier. The matrix is not a jewelry  item, not an amulet or talisman, but a tool for working with one’s own consciousness.

The matrix. Most frequently asked questions. What is matrix? Where should education at the School begin? Apply for the interview. The 1st Main Course. How lond does eduction take? Club sessions.On the 4th day of the 1st Main course, students charge the matrix with the vibrations of all the different levels of their consciousness from within the base state “I am as I am.”
As a result, the subsequent use of the Matrix  immediately turns on the base state “I am as I am” and the vital rhythm.
By activating certain energetic bodies with the help of the matrix of consciousness, you can adjust your emotional state to solve specific problems. With the help of the matrix, you can remove negative energy vibrations, get rid of the consequences of stressful situations, and do so much more. But we must remember that the matrix is not a panacea, it is only an assistant.

What is the matrix and is it possible to do without it?
The matrix is recommended for studying at the Main Department of the School. Although you can participate in the class without it. The Matrix is sent by mail. It can be ordered later if it was not included in your original order. A second matrix cannot be ordered. Giving your matrix to others is strictly prohibited!

How long should the matrix be worn?
After completing the 1st  Main course, it is recommended to wear the matrix for some time on the body or in close proximity to oneself or be able to quickly use it if necessary. If you wear the matrix on your body, please note that the cord or chain must be strong. Once you are able to easily control your attention while working with your consciousness, there will no longer be any need to keep the matrix with you at all times. In this case, you will only need to get in contact with it from time to time in order to record the changes in your consciousness on to the carrier.

What to do if a stranger touches the matrix?
Take care of your matrix – in case of a loss, the one who finds it gets direct access to your consciousness and an opportunity to influence it. If you lose the matrix – you will need to buy another one and charge it again. Do not allow anyone to touch the matrix, neither children, nor relatives, nor, especially, strangers – any touch disturbs its fine settings and it ceases to be your assistant. If it happens that someone touched your matrix, it will need to be recharged according to the technique of Day 4 of the 1st Main Course.

Can I charge the matrix for my children or other people?
You can charge the matrix only for yourself. Сhildren up to 3 – 6 years old stay under the energy-informational field of the mother, under her protection. The child will be able to independently charge the matrix when it reaches an age of conscious decision-making.

Can the matrix be worn with other amulets?
The matrix can be worn together with other amulets of the Menshikova School, in this case there will be no contradictions.
The matrix should not be worn along with the Christian crosses, amulets, or other objects of monotheistic cults.

What to do if the matrix became darker? Can it be cleaned?
The matrix of the School is made of brass. Metal may darken when it’s been in contact with bodily vibrations. In this case, you can clean the matrix yourself. it is recommended to recharge the matrix after you clean it. However, there are many cases among students when, over time, the matrix brightened by itself.

Is it possible to make the  matrix of consciousness on my own or use another amulet for it?
You can make your own matrix. You need to make a matrix from a material capable of storing information for a long time, for example, metal or stones. In this case, you need to remember that it must be harmonious and be able to fulfill the main purpose – to be your assistant in working with the consciousness.

How to get access to a purchased  seminar?
Log in to your Google Drive (pay attention  to accessing  the files using the email address specified during your order).
Go to the “shared with me” tab (if necessary, use the instructions on how to find files available to you in Google Drive).

Why won’t my Google Drive files play?
Important! A DOWNLOAD IS MANDATORY, download ONE file at a time, store the files in a safe location. The ability to view the files on  Google Drive is not guaranteed.

How to download files to your computer?
Follow the instructions – How to download files from Google Drive. To make sure that the files are downloaded to your device correctly, try opening them while offline. If a technical issue arises with your device, contact the nearest technical support. The school does not  provide software for various types of devices and does not set up the equipment.

When will I receive the tracking number and my package?
Items are shipped  once a week. Please make sure your COMPLETE ADDRESS was written according to the international format, otherwise the package will not be sent.

How soon can I apply  to the next course?
When it comes to learning, there is no need to rush, but neither should you remain at the same course longer than necessary to master the material.

How can I transfer to the 2nd Course?
If you have studied all the materials of the 1st course, mastered all the practices,  and feel that it is time for you to move further, then you should apply for an interview with a Mentor

Details about the interview are given in the instructions.

Can I study the same materials together with a family member / room-mate?
Warning! The files are provided for personal use only! Each student follows his own path from the beginning and on.
Forbidden: sharing the links or seminars with third parties, exchanging links with other students, using links for commercial gain, posting The Menshikova School’s materials on other resources, using its methods partially or entirely to teach other people.

Can I teach other people using the School’s methodology?
School materials are only provided for personal use and development of one’s consciousness. You cannot share its methods with other people or use them for commercial gain. The right to teach is given exclusively by the Master to the mentor of the School and only after a long preliminary preparation.

What documents will I receive after graduation?
The school does not issue diplomas or certificates. Your success and changes in your life, your real world achievements will be your diploma.