Mirror of One’s Inner World

Mental Body as a Mirror of One’s Inner World

This is the fourth module of the Foundation Level 3: Mental Body course. 

The mental body does not exist by itself. It is formed because all subtle bodies (both higher and lower) must be reflected somewhere. Everything that a person feels, experiences, fears and hopes is represented in the form of words, concepts and behaviour patterns in his or her mental body. If you know how to properly unpack everything that is written in the mind of your interlocutor, then you can learn everything about him or her.

This class is necessary for students to better understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses. In it, as in the self-examination, which a magician regularly takes, all the obstacles of consciousness that inhibit the path of growth and attainment of mastery are revealed.

This kind of revision of one’s own consciousness should be carried out regularly in order to clear the mind of old, non-working programmes and remainders of old algorithms that no longer work. Also, this practice can help detect on time any malicious programme (virus) suddenly appeared in the mind and eliminate it.

In this seminar students:

• Identify their (core) lifeline programmes.
• Find these programmes in their subtle body structure.
• Rewrite inefficient algorithms; activate and amplify the effective ones.
• Familiarise with the concept of luck and prepare their thinking to adopt it.
• Set their mind to accept the necessary events naturally.
• Become aware of the cause-and-effect relations of many events in life and track the patterns.
• Rewrite values ​​and their effects.

Duration: 3 hours. 

Admission: Foundation Level 3: Mental Body Basics seminar.

This class is available in group study and self-study. Pre-recorded videos can be ordered from the Menshikova School shop.