Connection Between Thinking and Behaviour Patterns

Connection Between Thinking and Behaviour Patterns

This is the fifth module of the Foundation Level 3: Mental Body course. 

Human life is based on their actions. Action or inaction is one thing, because they always lead to a result. But actions do not exist on their own, there is a motive behind each of them.

If you understand the motives of your decisions or actions (inactions), then you can calculate the result. If the deed is done automatically, based on stereotypes and patterns, the source of the implementation of such an action programme will receive the result, and not you.

People often act without thinking. Is it any wonder that they are not happy with their results?

Magicians always know what motive is behind their decision. Therefore, simple inhabitants may find their actions to be immoral. Why is it so? Because in the thinking of an ordinary person there is a very rigid connection between action and moral evaluation, while a magician does not have such a connection.

Anyone who wants to develop his or her consciousness to the level of magic must get rid of such connections, learn to establish them in a new way every time and disassemble if they are no longer needed. This is called programming one’s mind to the result.

In this seminar students:

• Identify automatic response programmes.
• See connections between their programmes and lifeline events.
• Become aware of their true motives.
• Break rigid links.
• Analyse automatic programmes.
• Form multivariate behaviour patterns.

Duration: 3 hours. 

Admission: Foundation Level 3: Mental Body Basics seminar.

This class is available in group study and self-study. Pre-recorded videos can be ordered from the Menshikova School shop.