Bodily sensations. The Main Department. Etheric body.

Bodily Sensations. The Main Department.

How to awaken the sensitivity of the body? What are the reasons for the abnormalities in the bodily sensations? The causes may lie in injuries, diseases, the habit of not paying attention to the needs of the body, the habit of emotional suppression. The awakening of bodily sensitiviy requires an integrated approach…


Parental Programs. AD LIB Department. 7-day retreat, Work out paternal and maternal programs. The power of blood and power of spiritual connections.

Parental Programs

This is a 7-day retreat in a beautiful quiet location where nothing interferes with deep immersion in the process. The training is designed to work out the paternal and maternal programs.


The Power of the Bloodline, AD LIB Department.

The Power of the Bloodline

This series of three seminars is about ancient ancestral knowledge, about the secrets that generations of ancestors have accumulated and hidden in their genes. About the structure of the family, its hierarchy and currents…


Witch Bottles

Witch bottles. Faculty AD LIB.

One of the popular amulets against evil forces in the 17th and 18th centuries was the so-called “witch’ bottles”. The bottle was filled with the urine of a patient (in whose illness the witch was suspected), cuttings of his hair and nails were added, the resulting mixture was seasoned with nails, corked, and buried under a threshold or fireplace. With such a bottle, any attempt to cast a jinx on the inhabitants of the house would cause the witch unimaginable torment.


About The Menshikova Library

At all times, people who, by their position and status, could afford to collect a private library did not limit themselves to a simple accumulation of books. They made this activity a cult, creating not only collections of rare volumes but also unique places to store these treasures.


Beltane. May 1st. The Wheel of Year. Pagan Holidays. Awakening of the Earth Element.

Beltane. The Wheel of Year. Pagan Holidays.

May 1st. On this day, the Earth element awakens. Awakened by Water, it opens itself up, letting power into the outside world. By the time when Earth awakens, Air and Water have already set the rhythm of time flow for the rest of the year: the rate at which events will occur, and the speed of new changes. Now is the time to manifest what has been done.