Anti-Karmic Program

Anti-Karmic Program

Anti-Karmic Program

Causal body

This is the second seminar of the 4th course. Causal Body.

The “Anti-Karmic Program” seminar is dedicated to the concept of karma. This word, so ingrained in life, is usually associated with the word “inevitable”. This is partly true. But only if a person is unwilling or unable to learn from experience, to recognise ineffective actions (mistakes) and to learn to do things differently.

Karma, or the karmic chain of events, is the inevitable involvement of a person in a particular series of events. A mage, who changes his human life and destiny into a mage’s life and destiny, must learn to overwrite karmic chains. That is – to be able to make an anti-karmic program.

Like any program, it consists of two basic components: energy and information.

  • Energy is the power that determines the duration of a program and its survivability in the common Сausal realm.
  • Information is a system of commands. It prescribes the sequence of steps – situations and the desired result – in the common Causal realm.

The main task in creating such a program is to eliminate the unconscious conflict associated with the possible achievement of a result.

When an ordinary person, whose consciousness is filled with fears and stereotypes, begins to want and strive for something, he doesn’t realise that he is doing everything to prevent his dream from coming true. And why is that? Because he is very afraid of achieving the desired result. Because deep down he knows very well that it can change his life, disrupt stability, break old bonds and take away the people he is now attached to. These fears are the brakes that prevent dreams from coming true and desires from being fulfilled.

The anti-karmic program removes these unconstructive fears and the conflict between consciousness and subconsciousness. Life circumstances begin to change, new opportunities, offers and choices appear immediately after the start of such a program.

The principle of creating an Anti-Karmic Program is the basis for the skill of programming events.

Textbook for the course  “Karma – The Law Of Cause And Effect”

Admission: completion of the 3 basic lessons of the 4rd Main course 

Duration: 3 hours. 


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