Bloodlines. Part 1

Bloodlines. Part 1

This is the second seminar of the 4th course. Causal Body.

The aim of the Bloodlines Seminar is to harmonise both branches of the family, to connect with and gain the support of the egregor of one’s own kin and family, and to activate the memory of the bloodline.

A bloodline is a very serious structure that stores not only power but also vast amounts of information. Each bloodline evolves according to its own laws, merging with other branches, splitting off and merging into new ones.

Everyone has a bloodline. It can support a person, protect him, give him abilities and talents. But it can also disempower, deprive a person of everything, close his paths and force him to accept its program of degeneration.

For a person who has just been born into this world, his parents are the representatives of his bloodline. No matter how the relationship with them develops, no matter how they have behaved in this life – their blood flows in his veins. And that is a fact that cannot be changed.

But it’s not just the parents who represent the bloodline: they had their parents, they had their parents, and so on. But…

Not accepting one’s parents can block a person’s access to the power of the entire branch that the unaccepted parents represent.

And if there were people in that branch who had talents, rights, unique currents of power and, above all, a magical gift, they would also be available to that person.

The purpose of the Bloodlines. Part 1 is to harmonise the branches of both bloodlines, to remove the conflict of non-acceptance. And it does not matter whether the parents are alive or not, whether they are together or long separated, whether they love their grown-up child or have long forgotten his existence – the blood cannot be taken away. The problems of the parents should not poison the lives of their children.

A person comes into life as a continuation of these bloodlines, and a mage’s task is to bring out the best and strongest lines.

The result of this work is not just to get rid of a possible conflict. The main thing is to connect with the egregore of your family and kin, to find support, and to activate the bloodline memory. 

All this is necessary to work with the program of ‘bloodline karma’.

Textbook for the course  “Karma – The Law Of Cause And Effect”

Admission: completion of the 3 basic lessons of the 4rd Main course

Duration: 3 hours.


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