Lifepaths Consolidation

Lifepaths Consolidation

Lifepaths Consolidation

Causal body

The seminar of the 4th course. Causal Body.

Lifepaths consolidation is a rethinking of life, of one’s experience. It is an understanding that time is not linear, but multivariate.

Sooner or later, everyone tries to reassess their lives, their paths, all the things they have succeeded or failed at. But they usually do it in the wrong way. What’s the use of regretting that 10-20-30 years ago you could have done something differently but didn’t, that you could have said something but didn’t, that time has passed, that opportunities have been missed and there won’t be any more? Regret will only lead to more disappointment in yourself and in life. It is an ineffective approach and therefore not the right one.

Those who follow the path of magic will never throw away something as precious as experience. After all, experience is the most valuable thing a mage has, and values should not be thrown away, but multiplied.

The technique that students learn in this seminar gives them the ability to create an additional increase in their existential volume out of regret for what has not been done.

This technique is based on the understanding that the time we live in and use is not linear but multivariate. At any given moment, a person can be involved in a huge number of events that change his life in one way or another. Each of these events could lead the life path in a completely different direction and with a different outcome.

It does not matter to a mage whether the result is “positive” or “negative” from the point of view of the subjective human attitude, from the point of view of the emotions. The main thing is experience, a living new chain of cause-and-effect relationships that enriches the structure of the mage’s own consciousness. And no mage will ever refuse to gain new experience.

As a result of mastering this technique there is a significant expansion of the Сausal body, there is access to a much greater volume of events on different levels of being.

Textbook for the course  “Karma – The Law Of Cause And Effect”

Admission: completion of the 3 basic lessons of the 4rd Main course 

Duration: 3 hours.


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