Bloodlines. Part 2

Bloodlines. Part 2

Causal body

This is the second seminar of the 4th course. Causal Body.

The purpose of this seminar is to identify and activate the strongest branches and lines – those that are most fortunate, resilient and prosperous. And to identify and block those that are programmed for degeneration. And if there is magic in your bloodline, you will find a way to get it.

In part 2 of the seminar, students deepen their involvement in the bloodline by identifying the strongest and weakest branches.

A bloodline is not an abstract concept. A bloodline includes all blood relatives and kin, and the more of them there are, the stronger the bloodline and the higher its defences. The bloodline will always try to survive – that is its basic program. Under all circumstances. By any means necessary.

It is the bloodline that in many ways determines who among the members will be fortunate and who will be a “scapegoat” and suffer for all his kin. It’s a situation that happens in every bloodline: someone gets the gift and all the good things, and someone solves everyone’s problems, has all the troubles and challenges.

A bloodline is a single organism, an egregore. It passes on the best qualities, the most stable genes, to its children. “Children must survive” is the main commandment and law of every bloodline.

Every bloodline goes back to the depths of time. There have been strong, ‘chosen’ lines. And there have been scapegoats.

Textbook for the course  “Karma – The Law Of Cause And Effect”

Admission: completion of the 3 basic lessons of the 4rd Main course 

Duration: 3 hours.


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